“If we want to grow, we must make room for people.” 
Pastor Ken Hart
Groups have always been a part of The Highlands culture and strategy. Groups provide a unique way for people to interact and grow spiritually that is different from gathering in a weekend service. Groups are designed to build relationships, create conversation, and be a place where one can find accountability, support, and care.
We have different types of monthly groups which focus on a common characteristic like Men’s Breakfast, Women’s Connect, Adult Singles or Married Life. We also have groups which focus on specific needs, such as support groups like Celebrate Recovery or Griefshare. Finally, we have groups which are based around special affinities, like sports or special interests, like creativity. But all our groups are designed to build and nurture relationships.
Please note that our Life Group operate on a trimester system, periodically taking breaks.  The 2019 – 2020 Trimester schedule is: Fall (9/8 – 11/24), Winter (1/12 – 3/5), Spring (5/17 – 6/8), most groups take the summer off to accommodate vacations.
 Use the group finder to connect with a group. Select a group and email the leader for more information and directions to the group. 
Don’t see a group that you are looking for? Check out our Partnership and Connection Classes to find out all the ways you can connect here at The Highlands.