About Us

Who We Are

Our goal is to help people follow Jesus and find their purpose. We are a safe place to come as you are, ask questions, find healing, and become part of a team who cares for one another and for those in our community.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Following Jesus starts at salvation but continues through discipleship. We know and believe following Jesus is a lifelong decision. Finding your purpose puts the gospel in action. It is up to every follower of Jesus to find out why God created them.

Our Values

We work to grow God's family.

We go out of our way to bring up Jesus in our daily conversations.

We believe the Bible has the power to change your life.

We build our faith through following God’s Word.

We commit to living in community.

We need each other to thrive in our everyday lives.

We live in a daily rhythm of worship.

We were made to praise and reflect a life of obedience.

We see miracles when we pray.

We are in constant communication with God and approach His throne boldly.

We multiply our impact by serving.

We make a difference by moving in compassion to meet the needs of our community.

We pursue emotional and spiritual health.

We find wholeness and restoration in Jesus.

We celebrate each other.

We see Heaven on earth when we honor our differences.

We equip the next generation.

We partner across generations to make sure the Gospel lives beyond us.

Our Discipleship Pathway


We want to connect people with Jesus, His church, and welcome them to the family.

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We want to inspire people to grow in their faith and begin to understand their part in God's plan.

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We want to expand God's Kingdom and lead His people to impact our church, community, and the world beyond.

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