​I’m Catholic

We know that a lot of people in the Antelope Valley grew up going to Catholic Church or might still attend a Catholic Church. We love people here at The Highlands and our stated mission is to help people "Follow Jesus and Find Purpose." We are super grateful that your parents took you to church when you were little -- that is such a gift.

​We do believe and practice some different things than what you would find or remember from the Catholic Church. We are saved by faith, walk in grace, and are led by the Holy Spirit. We have many people who have come to The Highlands from a Catholic background and they have always felt the love of Jesus on our campus and in our teaching. We do believe there are different expressions of a relationship with Jesus and that is Who guides us. Because there are so many at The Highlands that we have come to love and welcome from a Catholic background, we frequently get a number of questions from Catholics before their first visit or shortly after, and we wanted to provide this content to answer some frequently asked questions in a safe environment.


I'm Catholic. Can I come to The Highlands?

Absolutely! The Highlands exists to help people follow Jesus and find purpose– whether someone has never been to any type of Christian church before or they go every single week, everyone is welcome at The Highlands, especially YOU!

Is The Highlands the same or is it a part of the Catholic Church?

The Highlands is a Foursquare Christian church, that is not connected to the Catholic church or any other denomination (Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, etc.). Among the essential beliefs, there is much that we agree upon across all denominations that connect directly to Jesus Christ.

Do you guys take Communion?

We do! We celebrate Communion as an entire church body every 1st Sunday of the month.

What do you have for my kids?

We love kids and you’ll see a lot of young families with kids and teenagers around here. Our Faith Factory kids ministry and Refuge Youth ministry have designated spaces during our Wednesday and Sunday worship services.

What about baptism?

We believe that the Bible communicates that the purpose of baptism is to publicly identify as a Christian – a follower of Jesus. We also believe that following Jesus is a very personal decision. That is why we baptize people who are at least nine years old. You can find out more about baptism at The Highlands here.

What if I want to dedicate my child to a life of faith?

At The Highlands, we do Baby Dedication. It’s a ceremony in which your baby or child are dedicated to the Christian faith. Also, 3 strategic circles of people are prayed for. First, you, the family. Second is your circle of extended family and close friends. And lastly, the church as a whole.

What about the other sacraments?

We believe in the confession of sin as part of a healthy, regular, Christian life, but we do not have a specific sacramental process for it. We do celebrate marriage, pray for the sick, commission Pastors, and celebrate lives through funerals. We know that these are all significant moments where we draw near to God.

I still have a bunch more questions. What should I do?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Send us a message to info@thehighlands.church or call our office 661-273-1000